The Support

Hi everyone! This blog is a short one but I just wanted to take a quick minute to thank each and every one of you for your INCREDIBLE support! From those of you who have donated money and supplies, to those of you who have helped me with events and given me wonderful ideas for the rescue, to all of my fosters and volunteers, and to those of you who have simply sent me sweet messages thanking me for trying to accomplish this dream. Each of you are incredible and I could NOT do this without your support!!!!! I seriously cannot thank y'all enough. There are days when I just am not sure if I can run this rescue....this rescue group is a full time job in itself on top of me working an actual full time job and trying to have a life so it has really been a struggle. But then I remember how many people I have behind me to lift me up when I fall, and I am reminded of how worth it this mission truly is. Y'all have no idea how incredible your support is and i truly could not move forward without you. Have a blessed day!