The Rescued K-9's mission may seem simple, but it is a life-long task that requires the help of dog-lovers alike. The Rescued K-9 focuses our efforts on pulling dogs out of "kill shelters" that are in their final hours; dogs without time, options, and hope. While we do not focus on a specific breed or type of dog, typically the type of dogs that end up on "death row"  and need to be rescued are bully breeds (pitbulls, rottweilers, German Shepherds, etc). Sadly these dogs are, more often than not, almost always perfectly wonderful dogs that simply were in the wrong hands. People that have moved and don't want to take their companion with them, people who end up with destroyed items because they are not willing to crate their buddy, people who have placed the dog in a very confrontational situation and then dump their best friend because they lashed out due to the ignorant situation they were placed in....etc. It is unbelievably sad how many of these dogs are perfectly wonderful companions but end up being killed because of ignorant owners. Thankfully, The Rescued K-9 has a behaviorist on staff and Courtney, the founder, is training to become a behaviorist as well; so if we rescue a dog with any serious behavioral issues, we make sure to fix those before the dog is placed in a forever home.

  While we try to be understanding of certain situations, The Rescued K-9 is strict and thorough with the adoption application and if we do not feel like there is a match between the potential adopter and the dog, we will deny the application. The Rescued K-9, like most rescues, strives to make sure that all of our dogs are placed in the proper homes and that they are not returned. ALL of our dogs are vaccinated and dewormed and come with a bag of food, bowl(s), collar and leash and some come with toys. All dogs over 6 months of age are spayed/neutered. If the dog is under 6 months of age, we will follow up with the adopter when the puppy turns 6 months old to make sure that they have scheduled for sterilization.

  This past year has been an absolutely incredible journey and the growing exposure and support has been overwhelming and so appreciated! We are ALWAYS greatly in need of monetary donations as well as supply donations. But in addition to donations, what we ask for most is to SPREAD THE WORD!!! Go follow us on Facebook at and share our posts. It is common to hear someone say, "Well it's just facebook!" But the reality is that facebook is an absolute blessing when it comes to spreading the word about our organization and sharing a dog can save their life! If you know someone who is looking for a new companion, young puppy or senior adult, make sure and refer them to us! The Rescued K-9 has a variety of breeds, sizes, and ages, and if we do not have the type of dog that you or your friend is looking for at the time, it is very possible we may get one in the near future or we can direct you to a rescue or shelter that may have the dog you are wanting.

  If you think you qualify to become a foster and join our TRK9 team, being able to provide a loving temporary home for a dog in need, please email us at    Becoming a foster will be one of the most difficult, and yet one of the most rewarding things you will ever do. It is never easy to say goodbye to a sweet furbaby that you have become attached to, but it is such a fulfilling feeling when they get to ride off to their forever home and to know that that life was saved because of you and your heart of gold. The more fosters we have, the more lives we can save!!!

To make a monetary donation, please go to the homepage of this site and click 'Donate' at the top of the page. To donate supplies, please email us at